The Gay song

Publicado: julio 15, 2012 en Gay, Lesbiana, Videos, musica x)

Nuestra querida Jenna Anne, deleitandonos…

The Gay Song
Hey, I’m coming out closet kept me in. In terms of gay, there’s so much don’t know where to begin. No, I don’t like boys they’re too much man and men. I’ll admit that I’m a girl that wants girls for the win.
Sue me if I’m different or sue me if you can. Sorry that I’d pick KStew over any man. I’m Ellen when she’s younger, I’m Lindsay without Sam. I’m Rosi’s homo fanny pack, I’m Spashley’s biggest fan.
I’m gay I’m really gay, I’m super duper gay. I’m gayer than a rainbow, I’m gayer than I’ll say. I’m gay I’m really gay, I’m truly very gay. You caught me I’m a lesbian and I like it that way.
Girls, I love their hair I love the way they move. Nope, not questioning I got nothing to prove. Why, force myself to forget what I love? I’m here, I’m queer, dyke pioneer, I’m all of the above.
Maybe I’m not a hipster but boy do I love cats. There’s little things us lezzies do no matter where we’re at. Like tell ourselves that maybe, straight girls must be gay. And we won’t buy denial no matter what you say.
I hope by now you realize I hope I’ve made it clear. My gaydar bounces of the charts I’m lez from ear to ear. This may be too much homo but darling gay means cheer. So smile if you’re homo, hell smile if you’re queer! 



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